Blockchain Technology

let us leed you into the future

Creating a system of transparency for all the transactions conducted with the help of Blockchain Technology. Dividing the data into blocks and connecting each block with the next creates a chain that is not only traceable but also secured.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Blockchain developers will drive us into the future. Considering that every company has a unique business idea but blockchain can be implemented in one way or another. At Leed, we analyze every detail of your business model and plan how Blockchain can be integrated into your infrastructure.

Smart Contracts Development Audit

In this age of Digitization, Smart Contracts are a basic necessity in developing software. Leed helps your company in developing and auditing these contracts to make sure that all liabilities are covered, the code is free of bugs and the automated transactions are secure.

Blockchain Supply Chain Development

With the undeniable transparency of Blockchain, companies can transform their supply chains. Automating transactions and introducing more efficient ways to store and send data to hold the capacity to improve a company’s overall performance. At Leed, we focus on implementing it across your supply chains.


The applications developed by a company should be compatible with all the end users the company targets. Leed aims to develop such applications that are user-friendly and engaging and implement blockchain technology to keep them much more reliable and secure.

ICO Services

By setting up Initial Coin Offering (ICO) services for your company, Leed helps you gain the attention of the investors. Our experts can guide you through the entire process from developing an ICO platform to the utilization of ICO to improve your business.