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development, management and maintenance of the IT infrastructure

As a Software Development Company we offer a one-of-a-kind platform to our clients, enabling them to achieve widespread reach through the development of top-level Android applications. As the number of smartphone users continues to increase, our Android Development Company comprehends the growing importance of Android apps. Each day, new business apps emerge in the market, and Android devices have solidified their position.

Our team of skilled developers is adept at crafting apps for various OS platforms, ranging from Android ICS and Android KitKat to Android Lollipop and the latest Android Marshmallow versions. Leveraging the most advanced programming and development tools such as NDK/SDK and IDE for Android platforms, our Android App Developers remain at the forefront of innovation.

Native app development​

Setting high standards for App Developers.

With a goal-driven focus, the app development team at Leed creates applications based on the platform requirements of the client company. A diverse set of tools are used as we reach the end stages of the development cycle. With the quick and receptive execution of Native App Development, Leed ensures that you receive a reliable and user-friendly product.

Native App Development​
Cross Platform App Development​

Cross platform app development​

Innovating Accessibility for all Users.

The highest priority at Leed is to make sure that all the requirements are met. By exploring the cost-benefit analysis of every framework. By offering cross-platform development, maximum user reach can be achieved. By testing out different testing methodologies the cross-platform innovations we create to reduce the time-to-market for the client with reliable solutions

Rapid prototyping​

From your mind to your screens in a heartbeat.

The first stage of developing an application is to create a plan of design including all the features and functionalities that a client wants to deliver to their customers. By developing a UI/UX design that is user-friendly and caters to all the demands of the clients. Once the design is ready, a basic version is created using prototyping tools to test out all the features.

Rapid Prototyping​



Building a baseline of the requirements of the clients with thorough research on your business model and the expectations your customers will have from your application.


Developing an integrated architecture that perfectly encapsulates the client’s final vision of the product and then making the required changes to the proposed design.


Creating a visually appealing design that is efficient, sleek, and sets off a series of interactions for the user. This ensures that the user is interested in the experience.


Collaborating with all the aspects of the Software Development Cycle to achieve the client’s goals. Our goal is to deliver the product on time and to break the market.


The complete product is vigorously tested by our QA experts and the bugs are sourced out to ensure product reliability.


The tested product is then shared with industry professionals to overview the experience and experts to check for possible gaps in the security protocols.


Making the application available to the users and marketing it to get it to as many people as possible. The product is usable and the path to feedback is open.


Testing the product in a development environment and testing it on users are different. The errors received after deployment are fixed in regular maintenance updates.


After receiving feedback from the users, the gates to innovation are open. The product can be improved and updated as time goes along.

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