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Roots of Leed

Leed is a software development startup that was established by just two founding developers few years back and has risen through the market as a forward-looking company that provides custom software solutions and products. With over 50+ employees as of 2021, the headquarters is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan along with supporting offices spread out throughout Rawalpindi.

Leed aims to fulfil the demands of its clients in a competent and professional manner. With highly skilled academics that have diverse working experience in the fields of Information technology and software growth. Leed has delivered multiple completed projects to local and international clients with a 100% success rate. The key to delivering viable software solutions is the collaboration of the team, giving the clients complete transparency of their product and providing them with effective strategies on how to implement their idea. We believe that with focus and innovation we can exceed the client’s expectations in product delivery, support and customer satisfaction.


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Providing expert strategies and resolving challenges in Information Technology.

Utilizing the expertise and technical awareness of the staff here at Leed, we intend to create diverse IT strategies that will enable your organization to overcome the challenges of the modern world. The aim is to help the clients in automating and digitizing their ideas and implementing the latest advancements in technology as an IT Solutions Company.


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Developing integrated software to connect to all of the company’s resources.

Collaborating with different teams to create a custom enterprise application requires dedication and attention to detail. Leed works towards enabling you to understand every cog of your application together to achieve your collective goal. Once the application has been developed, Leed provides IT Support in the transition towards the new software.



Bringing your vision to life by recognizing the challenges faced by mobile applications.

Leed is capable of developing applications on all mobile platforms. The emphasis is placed on the user experience of an application and to make it readily accessible to the user. Designing one-of-a-kind applications and keeping timely checks for bugs is a top priority at Leed. Meeting the oncoming demands of the clients is part of the application development process.


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Creating fast paced development environments for better efficiency and timing.

The essential element in DevOps is the closely knit working of the development and operations team. At Leed, the developers work on the entire lifecycle of the project and all of its aspects are being worked on simultaneously. Using reliable processes that ensure secure delivery of the products unlike the traditional process that are slow and lengthy.


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Detailed planning to correctly analyze all the parts of a project.

The most important resource of Project Management is the team that works on it. Leed is very critical when it comes to choosing the team for a project, as the cohesiveness of the team determines the integrity of the IT services. Creating manageable schedules and defining small achievable goals is the key to successfully managing a project.


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Developing integrated software to connect to all of the company’s resources.

Leed Software Development does not differentiate based on Industry. We have worked on several projects ranging from Translation services, Crypto Exchange, Aptitude Testing Applications and many more. Working for clients as a software house in Pakistan as well as International clients, we have developed a diversified portfolio.