Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

let us leed you into the future

With the enormous amount of user data available, the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have progressed exceptionally. Due to the fact that AI/ML applications are highly adaptable, at Leed, our developers are capable of developing machine learning algorithms that will serve your purpose now and in the years to come.

machine learning

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

With the help of ML, we are able to develop applications that can be morphed for the user. Due to the fast-paced innovations in Artificial Intelligence, experts at Leed now have the access to advanced techniques that can also be used for constant monitoring of the software and shortens the amount of time spent on testing.

Natural Language Processing

With the help of Deep Learning, computers are now capable of hearing and understanding the spoken word. The sentence is broken down and each word is processed based on its grammatical standing. With NLP, the software is able to comprehend the commands or instructions given by the user. The core ideology of NLP is to utilize data sets of natural spoken languages and dialects and process them to get an idea of the flow and grammar of each language. Then, if the computer detects a certain language, it is able to predict and analyze the incoming audio stream based on the pre-determined data sets.

predictive analysis

Plan, Predict and Analyze.

Predictive Analysis provides a competitive edge to the company as it can help in making supervised learning algorithms that will not only solve our problems right now but will also be beneficial in the coming years. This helps companies develop trust and reduce the risk they take in putting time and resources into a product.