Fast pacing the avenues of testing and debugging.


DevOps is a set of conceptual frameworks that improve an organization's capacity to utilize latest tools and services, allowing it to evolve products at a faster rate than traditional methods. All the aspects of a Software Development team are merged and integrated such as Development, Operations, Testing, Security and QA.


Accelerate Time-to-Market

Increase occurrence of deliveries so we can innovate at a faster rate.


Increased Throughput

With less time spent on development, the number of products released increases.


Better Quality Control

By analyzing the product on every stage, Quality assurance is emphasized.


Improved Security

Ensuring maximum security with software updates that revise the security protocols.

Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture arrow

Support, Scale and Grow

In this age of expanding technology, when organizations decide to scale up, they need to do so rapidly. Here at Leed, we provide the client with a strong foundational architecture of their current software.

Assessing the architecture of the competition, managing the current infrastructure and implementing the methodology to bring about large-scale changes are all included under this domain.


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Maintain, Track and Repeat

DevOps Consulting in Pakistan provides a systematic footprint of every change that the product has gone through. The main advantage of these tools is that they simplify the process of accessing data transfers.

The highlight of using DevOps as a service is to track each update that was performed in the Software Delivery process. Thus, the new bugs and issues can easily be identified and catered effectively in the next update.


DevOps Consulting

Combining all segments under one domain of constant improvement.


Infrastructure Configuration

Managing operations through automation and transparency.



Identifying bugs with continuous releases and integrating the solutions rapidly.


Cloud Adoption

Migrating all processes to the cloud and eliminating the need for servers.

24/7 Monitering & Operation Management

Enabling you to direct your organization’s energies towards growing and innovating rather than continuous monitoring of your systems. With fast paced developers and a DevOps Roadmap it becomes easier to identify and provide solutions, with modern DevOps tools such as DevSecOps, to the problems without interrupting your workflow.